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Celebrating 100th Post

by Mo Faheem
100 Posts

This is my 100th Post on D365 update Blog. I am wordless and want to show gratitude to everyone who has read, liked, commented and contributed to this blog, as this success wouldn’t be possible without you all.

At that beginning, I had no idea that researching and writing would be part of my daily routine after work hours and at weekends. I believe that Covid’s work environment has helped me, as I have been working from home for over a year, and I have more time than before the pandemic.

100th Post

The task of writing 100 posts was not planned at all and took almost seven months to achieve. During this period, the blog audience and followers grow every day with every post. Alongside the blog, the social media channels also increased, and the LinkedIn page has more than 700 followers.

Celebrating 100th Post

The start

I still remember writing my first blog post and designing the blog and the logo. The journey started when a colleague of mine last Chrismas engorged me to share my 15 years experience working with Dynamics 365, Power Platforms and Azure.

Marketing Experience

One of the main reasons the blog idea consumed me was that I got to practice marketing once more. Marketing was how I got introduced to Microsoft CRM version 4.0, then I helped businesses implement CRM systems for marketing, but I stopped working as a marketer until now.

Microsoft CRM version 4.0 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Dynamics_CRM

With the blog, I got to build the website, design each post and work with social media. Now I reached to 100th post.

The first design

When I first designed the blog, it used to look entirely different. I believe that the design was exquisite. However, A dear Dynamics 365 marketing client of mine highlighted that it didn’t serve the purpose it was built for. The old structure looked more like a company website than a blog site.

D365 Update blog old design
D365 Update blog old design

The new design is more organized and easy to access the blog sections.

The first post

I checked the first post, “Creating Dynamics 365 Marketing Email Templates Explained!“. I can say that I have learned a lot since then. If I get the chance to write to the right again, I will write it entirely differently.

The logo

The logo was my wife’s gift to me and the blog. I believe that this is the chance to show all the logos tries that she made for me.

old logo d365update.com
Old logo
old logo d365update.com

Thanks to my dear wife for her outstanding design with the logo and her continuous support to me and the blog.

Going forward

I am looking forward to what comes after the 100th post, supporting the community, and the 1000th post and more. I hate to believe that I will stop one day and take every chance to share my experience blogging in the future.

Writing and researching for the blog has helped me speed up Microsoft’s development’s fast pace. I continue learning and using what I learned in my daily work.

Future plans after 100th post

After the 100th post, I plan to help the community by sharing my experience and providing help through different channels. I tried to create youtube videos, and I believe it is a great channel to use that many Dynamics 365 users.

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