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Creating Adobe Sign agreement

by Mo Faheem
Creating Adobe Sign agreement

Creating Adobe Sign agreements using data from Dynamics 365 and Dataverse records after installing Adobe Sign for Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be processed in different ways based on the client requirements or the process of creating these agreements.

The process of creating agreements

From my experience working with Adobe Sign and Dynamics 365 generating agreement, the process can vary on how the agreement is created (either manually or automatically) and the type of documents that are included in the agreement.

Creating Adobe Sign agreement procss

The process of creating Adobe Sign agreements can be initiated manually from the Dynamics 365 records or can be triggered to be initiated automatically.


When creating an agreement from one of Dynamics 365 records by a Dynamics 365, this requirement to use Adobe Sign data map and template.

This agreement has to be initiated manually by a Dynamics 365 user from the table form.

Creating Adobe Sign agreement manually

For more information about Adobe Sign integration with Dynamics 365, check the link.


When an automated trigger initiates the agreement without any user interference, a Power Automate will use an Adobe Sign connector to generate and send the agreement.

The entire process can be automated using Power Automate triggers and actions.

For Adobe Sign Power Automoate connector, check the link.

In the following posts, we will be discussing both options creating Adobe Sign agreement manually and automatically.

Automatically create and manually send the agreement

Moreover, we will discuss how to use the manual Adobe Sign features, such as Adobe Sign data map and templates, to create Adobe Sign Agreement using. This approach will enable us to automatically create the agreement and manually send it later on.

Agreement settings

The explaination about creating Adobe Sign agreements will include adding recipients, documents and settings.


Adobe recipients list will configure the agreement. The recipient settings include the following.

  • The type of contact, either contact, user or person information.
  • Recipient name
  • Recipient email (mandatory field)
  • The recipient order
  • Recipient role, either signer, approver or CC
  • Identity verification for each of the recipients


Documents can be set from Adobe Sign library document, Dynamics 365 word templates or Adobe Sign integration documents. the configration include the following settings.

  • The document order
  • Upload documents
  • Delete document


The agreement has many settings that can be managed directly from Dynamics 365 or Power Automate. the settings include the following.

  • Email subject and message
  • The status of the agreement
  • Expiry of the agreement
  • Reminders and follow ups
  • Setting passwords for the created PDFs
  • Identity verification
  • Other

When explaining about creating Adobe Sign agreement using the manual or the automatic process, we will cove all the three aspects mentioned above.

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