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Dynamics 365 Marketing Compliance

by Mo Faheem
D365 Marketing Compliance

Dynamics 365 Marketing compliance is essential for the clients to commercially communicate with their target audience while following the governing laws and regulations, such as GDPR in Europe or CASL in Canada.

To manage Dynamics 365 Marketing Compliance, you can review Microsoft documentation.

Dynamics 365 Marketing Compliance Settings

To control and manage Dynamics 365 Marketing Compliance, you need to access marketing settings from the app selector on the bottom left of the browser. Then, under the Customer Engagement section, select Compliance.

From the compliance page, we can manage the Compliance for:

  1. Real-Time Consent
  2. Preference Page
  3. Outbound Marketing

Through this settings, and based of marketing method the client is using, we can configure one or more of three options above.

Dynamics 365 Marketing Compliance

Real-Time Consent

Real-Time consent manage the model the company wants to use in sending both emails and text messages. Two options to choose from, either restrictive or non-restrictive. Also we can can configure if we will require to acquire tracking permission or consent from the communication receipiant.

In a previous post we covered the content center in Real-Time marketing, to simplify this settings, we are either enforcing the consent center or no.

We will be covering Real-time consent in a future post in detail.

Real-Time Consent

Preference Page

The preference page allows communication recepients to manage their best methods of communication and the is one of the GDPR main requirements.

Personally, I used to build a preference page differently and manually. However this page allows me to control multiple contacts informations, such as multiple emails and multiple phones per contact.

I will be exploring the preference page in the incoming weeks and will be writing a post to explain how and when should we be using this page.

Preference Page

Outbound Consent

This is the most common method that many use today. Specifically for outbound marketing, we can control the minimum consent level and logging the consent changes.

Since the consent model has greatly changed, I will be writing specifically for outbound consent in a future post.

Outbound Consent

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