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Dynamics 365 Marketing Quota Limits

by Mo Faheem

Quota Limitation

Dynamics 365 Marketing is unique to the way it is licenced compared to other Dynamics solutions. Unlike Dynamics 365 Sales, for example, licenced per user, Dynamics 365 Marketing is licensed per tenant and has no limitation on the number of users. For more information

Dynamics 365 Marketing Quota Limits is visible in the marketing app dashboard.

The Marketing limits effects how D365 is priced

Dynamics 365 Marketing Quota Limits
Trial limits are different

Application Types

To understand the Dynamics 365 Marketing quota limitations, we have to understand how companies can acquire Dynamics 365 Marketing which can be done with a minimum of 10K marketing contact entitlement, in one of two options.

Marketing Standalone

For companies who don’t have more than 10 users of any other Dynamics 365 solutions.

Marketing attached

For companies who have at least 10 users of any other Dynamics 365 solutions. It is important to know that contacts and leads will be fully integrated with Dynamics 365 Sales.

The indicator is 10 full users in Dynamics 365 solutions, such as Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, or one of the Dynamics 365 FO solutions such as Finance, Supply Chain Management or Commerce. Each option is priced differently, and users need to contact Microsoft or one of its Partners to get quotes based on their location and countries.

Marketing Environments

Since marketing solution is a tenant-based licence, any additional environment has to be acquired separately. Therefore, Microsoft has segregated between acquiring “Production” and “Non-Production” environments. The pool of environments per tenant will share the marketing quota limits.

Dynamics 365 Marketing quota limits

1. Marketing Contact

First Dynamics 365 Marketing limitation is the number contacts, and as mentioned that the base is 10K contact per tenant for either option. However, the most important what is marketing contact?

What is marketing contact?

The marketing contacts are the contacts who participate in any of the marketing activities, such as contacts who received marketing emails. other contacts who don’t get any of those activities are not flagged as marketing contacts and are not deducted from the marketing quota.

Marketing activities

As mentioned above, contacts won’t be considered as marketing contacts and deducted from the marketing quota unless the contact receives one of the marketing activities. Now, what are the marketing activities? The activity can take many forms, for example, form submission, event registration or check-in, marketing email received or be part of a customer journey.

Buying additional marketing contacts

Additional add-ons to buy more marketing contacts are available. either a “5K” or “50K” add-ons are available to be added.

2. Marketing emails

Another quota limit is the number of marketing emails per month. As the rest of the other quotes, the marketing emails limit is shared across all the “Production” and “Non-Production” environments.

The marketing emails are 10X the number of contacts, for the basic entitlement of 10K contacts, a 100K emails per month.

To increase the number of emails, additional contacts add-on has to be purchased.

3. Litmus – email preview

Litmus is a third party solution provider that enable Dynamics 365 Marketing users to preview their email designs in the native mail inbox and browsers. for more information about Litmus

100 email preview are available per month, enabling Litmus and agreeing on Litmus’s terms and conditions are required to use Litmus.

Addition Litmus crideted can be purchased directly from Litmus.

Dynamics 365 Marketing trial limits

When setting up a Dynamics 365 Marketing trial for 30 days, the limits are counted differently.

  • Marketing contacts, as in the basic entitlement, are 10K.
  • Litmus credit is 100 email preview.
  • Marketing emails are only 1000 email, which is one-tenth of the marketing contacts.

As shown above, the number of monthly emails is the only difference between production and trial environment.

Dynamics 365 Marketing trial Quota Limits
Dynamics 365 Marketing trial Quota Limits

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S K April 28, 2021 - 3:52 pm

What happens when we use our marketing Quota but decide not to purchase additional capacity.
e.g. 10K contacts used.
If we try to send a Marketing email to these 10K + 10 new contacts, What would happen….

Mo Faheem April 30, 2021 - 1:16 am


Based on experience, nothing happens and you will exceed the quota. Most likely Microsoft will allow this to happen for few months and then will notify you to top-up your quota.


Diego June 30, 2021 - 12:47 pm

Hi Mo Faheem,

The 10k marketinmg contacts are per mont o per sucription period?


Mo Faheem August 4, 2021 - 10:55 pm

Generally per year, the number accumulates over time.


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