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Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

by Mo Faheem
Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights enables the sales team to know their clients more and analyse the potential business using AI insights. The sales insights help guide your team to close business by guiding the next actions and activities from one side and producing a better forecast.

To understand Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, we need to know the features that the solution offers. It is important to differentiate between the Standard and Premium Sales Insights features and how we can install each package.

Micorosft classification of sales insights

There are a number of insights, Microsoft classifies those insights based on the benefit each feature provides, and we can classify them based on licencing.

– Sales Insights benefit calssification

Guided selling

Advise sales team with actions to follow up and close business.

  1. Assistant (standard)
  2. Assistant (premium)

Productivity intelligence

Keeping the sales records up to date by suggesting new records and update existing records.

  1. Auto capture (standard + premium)
  2. Email engagement (standard)
  3. Sales accelerator and sequence (preview)
  4. Notes analysis

Connection insights

Develops better customer realtionship.

  1. Conversation intelligence
  2. Relationship analytics and health
  3. Talking points
  4. Who knows whom

Predictive models

Prioritize leads and opportunities to close.

  1. Predictive lead scoring
  2. Predictive opportunity scoring
  3. Premium forecasting

– Sales Insights licencingclassification

Standard sales insights are provided with Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise plan, while premium sales insights require additional licences.

Standard Sales Insights

Available out of the box as part of the Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise plan.


  1. Assistant
  2. Auto capture
  3. Email Engagement

Premium Sales Insights

This post will not cover licencing as it varies from one location to another, and licencing is subject to change quite often; however, we need to know that additional Sales Premium or Sales Insight licences are required.


  1. Premium assistant
  2. Premium auto capture
  3. Notes analysis
  4. Who knows whom
  5. Predictive lead scoring
  6. Predictive opportunity scoring
  7. Premium forecasting
  8. Talking points
  9. Sales accelerator
  10. Assistant app form teams
  11. Conversation intelligence

Enabling Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

First, an administrator role is required to enable Dynamics 365 Sales Insights.

Enabling Standard Sales Insights

The first step is to agree on the terms of services.

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Assistant (standard)

As shown above, the assistant feature is enabled by default and doesn’t require agreeing on the terms as the other options.

Auto capture (standard + preview)

Once agreed on tems, auto capture is available to manage.

Email Engagment

Once agreed on tems, email engagment is available to set up.

Sales insights

Enabling Premuim Sales Insights

The first thing to enable premium features is to acquire additional Sales Premium or Sales Insight licences.

Sales Premium or Sales Insight licences

Clients are required to obtain either Sales Premium or Sales Insight licences in addition to Sales Enterprise.

A trial version for either ales Premium or Sales Insight licences can be obtained from Microsoft 365 and require Global Admin privilege. Then, either app will require to be installed on the environment. Read more on how to create a Sales Insight trial.

Sales Premium or Sales Insight licences
Dynamics 365 Sales Insights installation completed

Premium features are open for set up

Once either Sales Premium or Sales Insight app is installed, all the premium features mentioned above are open to being set up.

premium features
Premium features are available

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