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Dynamics 365 webinar engagement with Teams

by Mo Faheem
Dynamics 365 webinar engagement with Teams

As part of wave 1 2021, Microsoft is continuing to build on the Dynamics 365 Marketing integration with Microsoft Teams. Soon, users will be able to analysis Dynamics 365 webinar engagement with Teams webinars. Read more about the new participant engagement-based with Teams webinar.

Webinars was always an effective marketing method. Moreover, there is a great need for webinars after the recent COVID situation. Tieing contact interaction with the conducted webinars is essential for the organization to analysing the potential client’s needs and interests.

Dynamics 365 webinar engagement with Teams

Dynamics 365 webinar engagement with Teams Segments

The engagement with webinar vary from one participant to another, and Dynamic 365 Marketing can segment now based on this engagement.

Event or Session Registrations

Users will be able to segment event or session registration if enabled. a more complex segment that intersect with the following segments to reach out to targeted groups.

Event and Session Attendees

We are able to segment now check-ins, however we need to log them manually, but with the new coming intgration with teams the attendees will be checked in automattically.

Using Microsoft Teams Webinars attendees will be using the link provided during the registration to log the participants automatically.

event attendees check-in

Event Cancelation

With the new wave coming in April, users will be able to segment who had cancelled before the event started.

How long paticipant attended

Segment based on how engaged the attendees got with the event. Teams Webinar will log when the participant left the meeting.

Customer Journeys based on webinar engagement

Now, Marketers using the integration between Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams Webinar can build customer journeys based on the engagement with the conducted webinars.

In the example above shown by Microsoft in the last Ignite event, a customer journey was built based on the engagement segments with the webinar. The customer journey will respond according to the participant behaviour which builds better-personalised messages and customer experience.

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