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Hosting Marketing Forms easily

by Mo Faheem
Marketing forms

Using Marketing forms is the main means of marketing to collect information about their targeted audience. Hosting Marketing forms needs to be flexible enough to enable marketers to use these forms where ever needed easily for more information about hosting marketing forms externally.

Dynamics 365 Marketing enable hosting Marketing forms within any web front forms. We can host the marketing forms within the following options.

Marketing Forms types

There are three types of form, each of these forms type is different based on where and how it is used. the form types are as follows.

  • Embedded marketing forms
  • Captured external form
  • Marketing pages forms
Embed Marketing formCaptured external formMarketing pages
Subscription center
Forms created in Dynamics 365 (Dynamics 365 Marketing forms)
Forms hosted using
Dynamics 365 Marketing Pages
External domain authentationRequiredNot requiredCustom domain
Power App portalNot requiredNot requiredRequired, Licensed
Uses special scriptEmbeded script neededForm capture scriptNo code required
Hosting Marketing Forms

Forms behaviour

Studying the potential client’s behaviour is essential for marketing in general. Contacts and leads who have visited or submitted forms can be segmented or scored to help close business and pass qualified leads to sales.

Include forms in Customer Journey

All three form types can be included in customer journeys

Contacts and lead generation

All three form types can be set to generate either contacts, leads or both.

Segment on form submission

All three form types submissions can be segmented.

Forms Tracking

Marketing pages forms and embedded marketing forms are tracking by default. However, we can add web tracking to captured external form.

Create form types

To create any of three forms types, there are 2 creation options as mention and show in the snap shot below.

+ New form

The + new form button can be used to create native Dynamics 365 Marketing form. The same form can be used as an embedded form, using the “Form hosting” tab.

+ Capture form

The + Capture form button is exclusively to create a capture form. The following post explains how to create a capture form.

Hosting Marketing Forms easily
Hosting marketing forms

Embedded hosting marketing forms

For embedded forms, we require to authenticate the used domains. For more information about domain authentication.

Embedded from hosting - authenticated domains
Embedded hosting marketing forms

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