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Industry Accelerator Summit

by Mo Faheem
Dynamics 365 Industry Accelerator Summit

The Industry Accelerator Summit will take place on 27th October 2022  focused on sharing how to deliver industry solutions for Healthcare, Education, Financial Services, Banking, Retail, Manufacturing, Public Sector and Non-Profit. 

At Dynamics 365, we discussed the industry accelerators in previous posts; for more information check our link.

Industry Accelerator Summit Agenda

Until this time, the agenda of the Industry Accelerator Summit isn’t final. However, the topics covered in the event cover the following.

  • Accelerate digital transformation in Financial Services with the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services.
  • Design Your Room with PowerApps Mixed Reality
  • Accelerator for Healthcare Appointment Automation
  • Dynamics 365 education accelerator for higher education, by Mo Faheem

ISV Roles

Dynamics 365 accelerators provide an opportunity to the end user by speeding up the implementation time. Moreover, it allows partners to build expertise and become more specialised in one or more verticles.

Industry Accelerator Summit

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