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LinkedIn Sales Navigator plans and Dynamics 365 Integration

by Mo Faheem
LinkedIn Sales Navigator plans and Dynamics 365 Integration

As Sales Navigator is widely being used today in many organizations, it is important to understand how LinkedIn Sales Navigator plans and Dynamics 365 integration are different from each other. read more about Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 Integration. Read more about LinkedIn Sales Navigator plans and Dynamics 365 Integration.

Setting expectation of what the organization will be able to do with the two systems combined based on the Sales Navigation subscription is essential before acquiring the subscription. Read more about the Sales Navigator plans.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator plans


  • NO DYNAMICS 365 Integration
  • 20 InMails per month
  • No Admin control
  • Minimum 1 user
  • Price is available online


  • Dynamics 365 integration
  • 30 InMails per month
  • Admin control
  • Minimum 10 users
  • Price is available online
  • Dynamics 365 writeback


  • Dynamics 365 integration
  • 50 InMails per month
  • Admin control
  • Minimum 10 users
  • Can’t be bought online
  • Dynamics 365 writeback

Sales Navigator Professional Plan

This plan is the most affordable, licences can be bought in less number less than 10 users, however, there is no CRM integration with this plan.

As there is no integration with dynamics 365, there nothing for us to cover. However, it is highly important to mention based on this fact, that a company need at least 10 users to be able to integrate with Sales Navigator. This option is not even useful for testing the integration and the minimum requirement for the integration is the Team Plan.

Sales Navigator Team Plan

As the name indicates, a minimum of 10 users team is required to obtain this plan, which is the minimum requirements to be able to integrate with Dynamics 365.

This plan lack data validation and contact creation as shown above. I believe that contact creation is a good tool and build up Dynamics 365 data faster and accurtley, but still contacts can created manully. On the other hand, data validation can have high impact on business.

Sales Navigator Enterprize Plan

This plan can’t be acquired online and the organization has to contact LinkedIn directly to get a quote. This plan has all the Sales navigator features and the biggest number of InMails of all plans.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator plans and Dynamics 365 Integration Features

As mentioned above, the Team and Enterprize plans can integrate with Dynamics 365 Sales. The users with those packages can do the following.

Intgrate with Dynamics 365

There are many features that are included in the integration, such as matching and saving accounts, contacts and leads between the two solutions.

Sending InMails, Performing Sales Navigators searches aligned with Dyanmics365 data and writing back are other features of the integration.

All those features are shared between Team and Enterprize plan.

Data Validation

For 15 years working with the CRM system, one of the most challenging tasks was to keep the contact records up to date always. Now, With this feature companies can achieve this goal. Data validation keeps notifying Dynamics 365 users when their contacts change the companies they work for and keep Dynamics 365 data up to date.

This feature is limited to Enterprize plan and not available.

Create Contact

Prospecting is one of the most important sales functions that helps the organizations grow and increase market share. Sales team members need to get introduced to new contacts within their focus industries and verticals.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator plans and Dynamics 365 Integration

With create contact, users can save contacts directly from LinkedIn to Dynamics 365 and copy all the contact information available in LinkedIn and shared by the user. This feature eases moving the data and ensuring that it is matched with the LinkedIn contact. Above all that, it guarantees the data accuracy and as entered by the targeted contact himself.

This feature is planned to be available only in the Enterprise plan. Until the time of writing this post, this feature is available for Salesforce only and planned for Dynamics 365.

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