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Microsoft Power Fx, what? How? And Why?

by Mo Faheem
Microsoft Power Fx

Microsoft introduced early March 2021 during the Ignite event Power Fx as an open-source low code language. Power Fx is a new member of the Power Platforms family. For me, this was not a new thing, as it is the same language used in Power Apps canvas apps. to read about the Microsoft Power Fx announcement

What is Power Fx?

Power Fx as mentioned above is an open-source low code programming language used within the Power Apps canvas app which is used to build a business application by the business. Writing those business applications needs to be simple enough that it does not use complicated languages such as C#.

How to use Power Fx?

Power Fx leverage the same language and function used in Excel, which is well-known and used by millions of business executives worldwide. The green highlighted expressions in the chart below are the same in Power Fx and excel.

Microsoft Power Fx excel functions
This chart is referenced from the “What is Microsoft Power Fx?” blog post by Greg Lindhorst

For detailed information about Microsoft Power Fxon

  • Expressions
  • Data types
  • Operators

Why Power Fx?

As mentioned above, the objective is to allow the business to create effective business applications by the business. Many business executives are familiar with creating advanced excel sheets, and they can use the same experience without the need for programmers.

On the other hand, Microsoft is opening the language as open-source, which increase the adoption. The high adoption also allows many to use the language.

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