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Moments-based will be available this month

by Mo Faheem
Moments-Based Marketing

Finally, after a long wait, Microsoft has announced that Moments-based will be available as part of the Real-Time approach that marketers can start to use. Read more about the wave 1 release and the moment-based marketing in the following links.

Moments-based Real-Time Marketing

According to Microsoft wave 1 page, What’s new and planned for Dynamics 365 Marketing, the moment-based marketing will include the following all-new features.

  • Event catalog with built-in and custom events for triggering customer journeys – the link
  • Real-time, event-based customer journey orchestration – the link
Real-Time Marketing will be available soon.

Event Cataloge

Dynamics 365 Real-Time marketing will be released with a common predefined number of event triggers for Dynamics 365 data, surveys, emails and text messages transactions that users can start including in their journeys.

Event Cataloge
Event Cataloge

Nevertheless, Dynamics 365 Marketing users will be able to build custom event triggers using. For more information about the new triggers in Real-Time Marketing, please read All-new real-time marketing post.

Event-based customer journey orchestration

To explain the event-based customer journey orchestration, we must understand that it is totally different from the segment-based journeys that we are used to on the traditional outbound marketing.

The segment-based marketing approach depends on grouping the targeted audience into groups based on the characteristics of those individuals. Then target this group/segment with a general message that suits the entire group. To illustrate, it is a proactive approach to sending a mass message out and hoping that it can result in a business conversion for some of those individuals.

However, event-based marketing depends on a reactive approach to a specific action or an event done by a potential client. For example, when a client enters a valet parking at a mall or a hotel, an SMS can be sent to him from one of the restaurants with a coupon or a special offer. To explain, event-based marketing is a response from the business to influence the client at the right time to make a decision or a purchase.

Dynamics 365 real-time marketing journey
Dynamics 365 real-time marketing journey

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