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NZ365Guy podcast with Mark Smith

by Mo Faheem

I am delighted to be hosted by the NZ365guy, Mark Smith, at the Microsoft Business Applications Podcast. Meeting Mark is a great experience to share my experience working with the business applications Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Marketing.

NZ365Guy Mark Smith

Mark is an MVP who provides a great platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts to share their experience with the community through https://podcast.nz365guy.com/. I encourage everyone to follow Mark’s podcast and his well-chosen guests.

Listen to the prodcast

Listen to the podcast with NZ365Guy Mark Smith at his website What’s Unique about Dynamics 365 Marketing with Mo Faheem or on Mark’s youtube channel.

The prodcast

In the podcast, we discuss my story of working with CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 from the early beginning.

I will tell the story of how I started as a web developer working with ASP to develop websites and soon after jumped to work in sales and marketing.

Then how all this led me to learn CRM and to shift my career totally into supporting companies in their digital transformation using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Also, Mark Smith and I discussed how Microsoft Dynamics Marketing stands out from other marketing platforms such as Salesforce, Marketo and other products.

Read more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing in the Marketing sections.

NZ365Guy Mark Smith
What’s Unique about Dynamics 365 Marketing with Mo Faheem

All-New Dynamics 365 Marketing

Mark asked about what is about to be released in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and how the new features will help the current users maximize their benefits using the new features.

Dynamics 365 Real-Time Marketing

Mark Smith asked specifically about the new Real-Time Marketing and Moments-Based responsive marketing. In the podcast, I will explain briefly how the new features are different from the existing marketing tool that we all use today and how users will be able to reach out to their clients at the right time and the right place to influence their buying decisions.

Read more about the new Dynamics Real-Time Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing and Teams

I explained to Mark the increasing demand for an integrated Webinar, especially after the COVID ara and how I evaluated webinar solutions such as On24 and GoToWibenar.

However, after the development Microsoft did with Teams, now we can rely on a Microsoft environment to execute webinars efficiently with a widely known solution.

Read More about the use of webinars

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Segementation

The integration between Dynamics 365 Marketing and Customer Insights and how we can bring the segmentation done in Customer Insights from different data sources out to Dynamics 365 Marketing


Again thanks to Mark for giving me the opportunity to use his great platform and to give me the chance to share my experience out with his great audience.

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