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Power Platforms licensing and Pricing explained

by Mo Faheem
Power Platforms licensing and Pricing explained

Power Platforms enables businesses to build simple and highly effective business applications with low-code or no-code. That is to say; Power Platforms reduce the need for experienced app developers; as a result, Microsoft Power Platforms are gaining global popularity.

Power Platforms licensing and Pricing Licensing and Pricing is essential to utilise Power Apps and Power Automate effectively. Please check the Microsoft Power App pricing website for more information on Power Apps pricing. And for detailed information about Power Automate pricing. We will be discussing the Pricing of standalone Power Apps and Power Automate in future posts.

Also, you can review the Power Apps blog section.

Power Platforms licensing and Pricing

To understand Power Apps licensing and Pricing, we need to know the difference between Power Platforms licences. Please check the Licensing overview for the Microsoft Power Platform post for further information and the capability included in each plan.

Standalone Plan

The standalone licences are used when the need for the apps are not related to Dynamics 365. Also, it can be used when it runs within a Microsoft 365 solution, such as Teams or SharePoint.

We will be discussing Power Apps and Power Automate licensing and Pricing.

Power Platforms included Microsoft 365 Plan

Power Platforms use rights are included with selected Microsoft Office 365 licenses to allow users to extend Office 365 capabilities. For example, Apps can be used within Microsoft Teams or MS Excel online.

Dataverse included Microsoft 365 Plan

Dataverse is getting widely popular as a business database and my Microsoft Office 365 applications, such as Microsoft Projects.

Dynamics 365 CE Plan

Power Platforms capabilities are included with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement applications, Such as Dynamics 365 Sales or Customer Service.

Microsoft 365 admin center

From Microsoft 365 admin center we can view the assigned licenses as below.

Microsoft 365 admin center - Power Platforms licensing and Pricing explained

Why do we need more than the included licenses?

Generally, as mentioned, the included licenses are made to extend the capabilities of Microsoft 365, such as Office or Teams. he included applications developed by Power Platforms that are made to work for Microsoft 365. Therefore we don’t have the freedom to manage the apps using the same license. For example, we can’t control the security for those apps independently when using the included licenses.

The standalone licenses are used the business needs to utilize premium connectors and enterprise services.

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