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Real-time marketing push notifications

by Mo Faheem
Real-time marketing push notifications

All new Dynamics 365 feature, Real-time marketing push notifications is still in preview. However, I believe it is a new effective marketing channel to reach out to clients at the right time.

Push notifications is not only fast communication channel, but it also has a great recipient’s attention, and it is very effective in last-minute reminders. This post will explain how to create a Dynamics 365 push notification.

For detailed information about real-time marketing mobile app configuration and push notifications. And for more information about the latest wave released and push notification announcement.

Real-time Marketing
Real-time Marketing

Real-time Marketing

Real-time marketing enables Dynamics 365 Marketing to react to customers’ actions in real-time. For example, marketing journeys, unlike outbound marketing, can be triggered by actions such as logging into wifi or visiting one of the company offices or selling centers.

The goal is to reach out to the client at the right time to help him take buying decisions.

For more information about real-time marketing in comparison with traditional outbound marketing, check the definition of real-time marketing.

Also you can check the latest post about real-time marketing journey orchestration.

Real-time marketing channels

Unlike outbound marketing where emails are the only out of the box channel, real-time marketing has more channels.


Emails simillar to what we are used to in outbound marketing, but not the same emails and emails templates.

For more information about real-time maketing emails, check previous post.

Push notifications

Provide immediate attention based on the real-world trigger that fired the real-time marketing journey.

For more information about real-time maketing push notifications, check previous post.

Text messages

Reach out to the client directly using SMS messages to notify the clients about real-time actions and marketing campaigns.

For more information about real-time maketing text messages, check previous post.

Mobile Application

Before we can push notifications, we have to set at least one mobile application.

To set the mobile application, from the settings area under the marketing settings area. Under the “Customer engagment”, select “Push notifications”.

Marketing Settings - Customer engagment

New Mobile app configuration

Simply, to be able to push notifications to mobile phones operating on either Android or Mac Os, we require to have an app on the client’s phones that will be used to push notifications on their phones.

In a future post we will simulate the process of creating and configuring the mobile app using Android FCM or/and iOS APNs certificate.

How to set up push notifications

Real-time marketing push notifications

As mentioned above, the real-time marketing push notifications is one of the new channels available to reach out to client in real-time to influnce their buying decision.

To create a new notification message, we will use the push notifications designer. From the real-time marketing app area, under channel section, choose push notifications.

The designer present the notification sill present the notification message in both iOS and Android.

Real-time marketing push notifications

Creating Real-time marketing push notifications

In the below GIF, a demonstration of how to creat a push notification message.

Push notifications elements

The notification design has three elements.

  • title
  • Subtitle
  • Message

Finally the action after the notification is clicked.

  • Open the app
  • Open a link
Real-time marketing push notifications elements


As Dynamics 365 Marketing direction is to increase client engagment by creating a better Customer Experience (EX), the new features, push notications included, provide a more personalized expeience.

We can include dynamic data using the data field within any of the three elements mentioned above (title, subtitle and message). Then we will label the field imported and we can optionally enter a default value to replace the value if it does not exist on record.

For example as shown above in the GIF



In addition to the dynamic data, in Real-time marketing push notifications, we can build a direct personalized relationship with the recipients using emojis.

The emjies have long list of possible icons to be included as shown in the example.

Real-time marketing push notifications emojis

Dynamics 365 push notification actions

Test send

Check for errors

Ready to send

Very similar to the previous experience with Dynamics 365 Marketing, in Real-time marketing push notifications, we can test send during and after the authoring of the push notifications messages, check for errors or set the message to be ready to be sent.

Test send

As the execution of the push notifications, require a working mobile app as explained earlier, and we will be covering this topic in the near future.

Personalized data has to be set, in the example, the only required data is the first name. If any additional personalized fields are required, will show in the personalized preview section.

push notification test send

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