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Try Dynamics 365 Marketing trial for 30 Days

by Mo Faheem

Dynamics 365 Marketing Trial is different

Installing Dynamics 365 Marketing trial is different from all the other Dynamics 365 apps. To understand the difference, we need to know that Dynamics 365 Marketing has a unique licence structure.  Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service and Field Service are licenced based on the number of users, while Dynamics 365 isn’t. The number of active marketing contacts and the number of emails per month are how the Marketing companant is licenced. It is essential to understand that Dynamics 365 Marketing can be purchased as a standalone solution or attached. This post will not be discussing the cost of Dynamics 365  Marketing as it rapidly changing, for detailed information about licensing, please review the Microsoft link https://dynamics.microsoft.com/en-ca/pricing/#Marketing.

Going back to Dynamics 365 Marketing trial, Microsoft offers only a standalone environment. It won’t be possible to get a full trial solution consisting of Sales and Marketing, which shares the same leads and contacts that are commonly used by the sales and marketing teams.


It is possible to build a Dynamics 365 trial using a mix of solutions such as Sales, Customer Service and Field Service.

Using a personal email such as Gmail or Yahoo is possible by clicking on the circled link Sign up here > No, continue signing up then proceed to create a trial. (that doesn’t include Dynamics 365 Marketing


A dedecated link to create standalone Dynamics 365 Marketing trial.

Personal emails are not possible and users require to use their work or school emails to be able to create the trial.

Creating the Trial

As mention above, all what we need is a business email and after filling the name and phone, follow the three steps below to create the enviornment.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Step1 – reenter the email address and confirm that it is a business email.

Step 2 – Add your information and validate your email

Step 3 – Start the trial creation process. (this step takes some time

Finally, to comply with GDPA, the company’s phical address has to be added.

Dynamics 365 Marketing trial

Getting Started

Microsoft will send the following emails, stating the trial’s start and end dates for one month and the components of the trial. a direct link to Dynamic 365 Marketing trial.

The installed componants are:

  • Core marketing (Customer Journey, Marketing Emails, Marketing Pages and forms and the rest of marketing elements)
  • Event management (Events, Venues, Speakers, est)
  • Dynamics 365 portals (For the Marketing pages and the Event portal) please note that the portal is purchased separately
  • Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms (require special LinkedIn Lead Gen account)
Dynamics 365 Marketing
The installed environments


From the Get Started page, It shows the following

  1. The number of emails allowed to send invites to. for the trial, 1000 emails are allowed.
  2. Marketing contacts, It is important that the environment can have more than 10K contacts; However, only contacts that were included in marketing activities will be counted.
  3. Litmus, email previews. (100 email previews)
  4. The remaining days in the environment. (30 days)

This trial is a greate tool to get prepared for exam MB-220 certification or to arrange for a client demo.

Finally, It is possible to extend the trial using credit card information. Microsoft will not charge the person who uses the credit card, but the Credit card is another way of validation. To extend the trial, go to Office 365 Admin Portal https://portal.office.com/admin/default.aspx, follow – Billing > Subscriptions > Select the Marketing trial to be extended.

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