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Comprehensive Time zone conversion integration

by Mo Faheem
Time zone conversion integration

Lately, I came across an integration requirement where the client wanted to move their data from one server to another server in a different time zone. Therefore, we needed to build a time zone conversion integration package, and I thought it would be great to share the experience.

Kingswaysoft SSIS Integration Toolkit

Kingswaysoft provides a premium SSIS comprehensive integration toolkit – Kingswaysoft website https://www.kingswaysoft.com/.

I used the “Time Zone Conversion” transformation component from Kingswaysoft SSIS Productivity Pack to perform the conversion from the source environment to the destination environment.

To download and for more information about the SSIS Productivity Pack, on the following link, https://www.kingswaysoft.com/products/ssis-productivity-pack.

Advanced Time zone conversion integration - Kingswaysoft SSIS Integration Toolkit
Time zone conversion integration

Time Zone Conversion

From the data flow tab, we require to set the data source and destination and fix the column data map. We will need to add the transformation component “Time Zone Conversion” from Kingswaysoft SSIS Productivity Pack.

Then, we will link the data flow from the data source via the transformation component to the data destination.

Time zone conversion integration Component

Time zone conversion integration Component

Double click on the “Time Zone Conversion” component and open the “Time Zone Conversion Editor” dialogue.

Set the input column, then set the input time zone from the source data source. Then, choose the time zone to which we need to change the time to.

The output can be set to the same field or create a new column to store the original value and the equivalent time zone at the same time.

Last we can set the error handling to manage the data if an error occurs during the data transfer.

Time zone conversion integration editor
Time zone conversion integration editor

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