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Microsoft Certifications Updated

by Mo Faheem

For a while, Microsft has been changing its certifications towards role-based specialities. Alongside with retiring MB-200 and MB-400, now a new PL series has been introduced. In my opinion, one of the main reasons that Microsoft is launching a new set of exams and withdrawing the old ones is to get us used to the latest terminology that they recently announced. Common Data Service CDS got rebranded as Dataverse, Entity had changed to Table and Field was renamed Column.

Besides why Microsoft is continuously changing their exams, I believe it is an excellent opportunity for the community to refresh their knowledge, especially since technology never stops evolving.

The new PL Series Exams and Power Platforms Certificates

The greatest thing about the latest exams is that you get an additional certificate and a shiny new badge that goes on your LinkedIn page, with each of the following.

PL-100: Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Power Platform App Maker Associate
This is a new exam introduced by Microsoft in comparison to PL-200 and PL-400 replacing existing exams. This exam is focusing on developing capabilities to create a business application using Power Apps. The candidate should have experience in creating canvas and model-driven apps, and he/she should be able to use Dataverse and automate business processes using Power Automate.
PL-200: Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant Power Platform Functional Consultant Associate
This exam is replacing MB-200 and will replace MB-200 as a prerequisite for all Dynamics Certificates. The exam targets Dynamics 365 and Power Platforms Functional consultants who configure Dataverse, create Power Apps and Power Automate.
PL-400: Microsoft Power Platform Developer Power Platform Developer Associate
This exam is replacing MB-400 Advance exam to assess the technical background to build and design Apps using model-driven and canvas apps. The exam also tests the ability to extend business applications using Dataverse and Power Automate and develop integrations. The exam taker is supposed to have a strong development background and experience with Power Platforms and development languages such as C# and JavaScript.
PL-900: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals Power Platform Fundamentals
An initial exam and certification offer a general understanding of all Power Platforms components such as Power App, Power BI, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agent. This exam is an excellent chance for individuals who want to gain a holistic understanding of all Power Platforms capabilities.

To review the certificates in Microsoft website.

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