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Starting Dynamics 365 F&O trial

by Mo Faheem
D365 Finance Trial

There is no doubt that I require a Dynamics 365 F&O trial since I am new to the solution and required to practice as much as possible. In the following post, I will carry on my F&O Journey and show how can we provide an F&O trial instance.

Dynamics 365 free trial

To get going with a Dynamics 365 free trial, the best place to start is the Dynamics 365 website https://dynamics.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics-365-free-trial/.

On this site, we can start any of the Dynamics 365 business solutions such as sales, service, marketing, customer data platform, commerce, finance and operation, supply chain, customer feedback and human resource.

Dynamics 365 free trial
Dynamics 365 free trial

Dynamics 365 F&O trial

Either we can scroll down or click on the finance and operation in the menu items shown above.

Dynamics 365 ERP systems include multiple options that serve different client sizes. Dynamics 365 Business Central, for example, is suited for small or medium-sized organizations. In this post, we discuss how we can start a Dynamics 365 Fiance option.

Finance and Operations trial options.
Finance and Operations trial options.

Click “Request a demo” in the Dynamics 365 Finance tile

Sign up for Dynamics 365 F&O trial
Sign up for Dynamics 365 F&O trial

Setting up Dynamics 365 F&O trial

After we click the “Request a demo”, we will be given the option to contact our local Microsoft partner who can help organizations build their ERP solution, or we can sign up for a trial.

We will choose the sign-up now, which will take us to a page where we need to sign in with a Microsoft or business account. In my case, I am using an account that I created for one of the trial tenants.

The second step will be to confirm the account information, such as the country, and if you agree to share your contact information with Microsoft partners. I will be selecting the United States as my example because my trial tenant is provisioned in the US.

The third and last step is needed if you invite other colleagues on the same tenant to work in the same environment. For my example, I will be skipping this step as I can add them later when needed.

Trial getting started and account information
Trial getting started and account information.

Provisioning Dynamics 365 F&O trial

After completing the final step and clicking the “Get Starting” button, the provisioning process to set up Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Trial will start.

According to the snapshot, the process takes around 15 to 30 minutes to be completed. We should receive an email confirming that the environment is ready for us to continue our learning.

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