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Dynamics 365 Customer Voice has replaced Forms Pro.

by Mo Faheem

We have witnessed rapid changes and development with Microsoft Business Applications, some times its just a name change, and in other times its total makeover of new solutions. For surveying, first, it was Voice of the customer, then Forms Pro and now “Customer Voice”. According to my search, It is not a branding change, it is a significant makeover. For long, I personally was confused between Microsoft Forms and Microsoft Forms Pro.

I won’t say that it is a whole new product as all the existing surveys will be transformed from Forms Pro to Customer Voice, and most importantly we will use our experience using Forms Pro in a seamless transition.

Select Customer Voice from Apps and Forms still exist

As I mentioned, all existing surveys will be pushed to Customer Voice; However, it will be packaged differently. Customer Voice is taking a project approach, where surveys can be linked instead and not as they were independent in Forms Pro.

A preconfigured project templates that contain a number of surveys is set for a quick start.

The new project concept of Customer Voice is not only tieing surveys together; The new project concept builds global variables that can be shared between surveys, branching logics and rules to journey survey participants across multiple surveys.

Once multiple surveys are used, global satisfaction metrics can be developed to present. Net Promoter Score (NPS), Sentiment and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) are the overall matrics that can be summed up using the project’s surveys.

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

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