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Dynamics 365 Marketing and Teams Webinar

by Mo Faheem
Dynamics 365 Marketing and Teams Webinar

Microsoft Ignite

At the Ignite event that took place earlier this week, Microsoft announced an update to the integration between Dynamics 365 Marketing and Teams Webinar. read more

Dynamics 365 Marketing and Teams Webinar

Previous experience

For many years, On24 was the only webinar vendor with a supported integration to Dynamics 365 Marketing. Although it is an advanced webinar solution, it was costly. Therefore, looking for an alternative was a must. Another option was GoToWebinar which is a very advanced and affordable solution but with no direct integration. Read the previous post about GoToWebinar integration using Power Automate.

D365 Marketing and Teams

On the other hand, Teams and Teams Live Events integration was introduced for the first time in August of last year. D365 and teams integration worked, but when Teams had limited functionality as a webinar tool compared to On24 and GoToWebinar. At that time, I anticipated that Microsoft would have a new release considering the high demand for remote sessions and working from home after the Covid hit.

New Experience

As part of Microsoft initiative to have a more engaging marketing customer experience, a new integration was introduced in Microsoft Ignite. Now, a new option, “Teams Webinar”, is available as a streaming provider.

A Teams webinar link will be created directly within Dynamics 365 Marketing Events that can be share with clients to join the webinar.

 D365 and teams integration

Seamless two ways integration

From Teams, user can create webinars that can be integrated back to Dynamics 365 Marketing which makes a greate user experience to plan and execute their events and webinars.

create webinar from Teams

Interact with attendees

Also from Teams, we can check webinar attendees reports, such as number of registration, attendees and other information about the webinar sessions. above all that, directly from Teams we can open Dyanmics 365 Marketing within Teams tabs.

Check webinar attendees and open Dyanmics 365 records from Teams

Continous Marketing

Building a better customer experience (CX) is Microsoft main goal; we can now ensure high engagement and follow up using the preconfigured marketing templates. In the example below, which was presented during Microsft Ignite, a customer journey was built based on the Teams webinar’s interaction, such as registration, attendance and cancellation.

Webinar Customer Journey

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