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Natural Language queries Segmentation

by Mo Faheem
Natural Language segments

Creating segments using queries can be very advanced, however, can be difficult to understand by some people. Now we can use Natural Language queries segmentation. to learn more about Segmentation and how to enable Natural Language queries segmentation.

Enable Natural Language queries Segmentation

Dynamics 365 Marketing settings

To enable the new Dynamics 365 Marketing features, from the marketing settings page and from the Other settings section, click on the Features switchers.

Marketing settings
From the marketing app, and from the bottom left, select settings

Segmentation feature switcher

From the feature switchers control and under the segmentation section, turn the “Natural Language queries for Segmentation” toggle “On”. Then, click the “Save” bottom on the top right.

Turn Natural Language queries Segmentation on
turn the “Natural Language queries for Segmentation” toggle “On”

Use Natural Language query

After enabling Natural Language queries Segmentation, we can start using in creating both dynamic and static segments.

Dynamic segments

Natural language queries are available for now to build demographic queries. Potentially soon, we will be able to use the new feature to build behaviour segments.

Static segments

Also in static segments, we can user Natural Language queries to add members to the static segements.

Natural Language queries segments

In the example below, we are creating a segments using Natural Language queries. In the example, the segment created is grouping contacts who are not in Canada.

Natural Language queries Segmentation

We did not require to configure the query, however we are able to edit the created segments using the normal query builder.


At the moment, English is the only supported language and behaviour queries are not supported.

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